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Don't downplay the seriousness of a misdemeanor charge

Many people think that misdemeanor charges are something that can just be ignored. This isn't the case. These charges can have serious implications on your life. We know that might think that you don't need to do much preparation to face these charges, but you can't fall into that mode of thinking.

Instead, you need to get to work on your defense just the same as what you would do if you were facing felony charges. Yes, the penalties of felony charges are usually more serious than misdemeanor charges; however, a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record can still have effects on your life.

The way that a misdemeanor conviction affects you depends on what it was for. A drunk driving charge might prevent you from getting a job as a delivery driver or bus driver. A petty theft charge might mean that you aren't allowed to work as a salesperson.

As you work to develop your defense strategy, you need to think carefully about the circumstances of your charge. If you are being charged for something that happened when you were at work and couldn't have committed the crime, you might use the alibi as your defense.

We understand that there are many factors that can come into the picture when you are working on a misdemeanor defense. We can help you evaluate everything about the case so that you can determine the direction you think your defense should go. Ideally, we will get started quickly after you find out your charge so that we have time to prepare.

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