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From drug court to defense strategies: You have options

We recently discussed how some people who are facing drug charges in the Flagstaff area might end up participating in the Coconino County Drug Court program. This program can help the defendant avoid having to go to prison, but it entails following some very strict rules.

We understand that not all defendants will qualify for drug court. Some might not even be interested in the program at all. This is understandable, so it is imperative for you to pursue other options for your defense until a decision about drug court is made. Of course, if you are accepted into drug court, you won't need a defense strategy since you won't face the charges as long as you complete the drug court program.

Your options for a drug charge defense can vary greatly. You have to think about what the prosecution is accusing you of, as well as what your memory of the incident is. These can help you determine what you are going to present as your defense. In some cases, the defense that you use is meant to try to discount some of the prosecution's claims. In other cases, it is meant to call the evidence processing into question. You might also be able to address civil rights violations as part of your defense.

We know that you might have some questions about what you should do when you are facing drug charges. The answers to these questions can sometimes involve having to make some hard choices. We want you to understand the options you have so that you can work toward coming up with a customized defense strategy.

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