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You need a customized DUI defense

The many consequences of a drunk driving conviction should be the fuel you need to get your defense moving. You shouldn't think that these charges are minor and won't impact your life.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how vehicle impounding is possible in some DUI cases. This is only one of the consequences you face, but you might realize that it is a very serious one.

Consider the consequences you face

Having your vehicle impounded can cost you money since you will have to pay the fines and fees to get it released. You are also facing monetary hits for time you have to miss work to deal with the case, fines that the court orders you to pay, expenses related to your driver's license, an increase in insurance premiums and a host of other costs as a result of your drunk driving charge. Time in jail and the loss of your driver's license are all possible. We can help you to find out what penalties you face so that you can think about those as you decide on a defense.

Go over the evidence

The evidence against you can include statements from the officer who pulled you over and the results of the blood alcohol concentration testing. Other evidence might also be present. We need to go over the evidence against you so that we can determine what options you have for your case.

Piece together a strategy

Your drunk driving defense must be customized to fit your case. We can't just say "this defendant didn't drive drunk and the test results are lies," as that won't introduce doubt. Instead, we need time to find defense options that we can show are valid reasons to doubt the prosecution's claims.

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