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Consider your children as you address a criminal charge

We recently discussed how having a parent in prison is something that impacts children in many ways. For some children, overcoming the stigmas attached with having a parent in prison is difficult, but they overcome it.

Parents should take note of all the well-documented ways that having a parent in prison can affect their children. This knowledge should be fuel to help parents get on the right path and stay there.

For some parents, it is a little to late to try to avoid facing a criminal charge. Those parents need to get to work on a criminal defense so that they can try to minimize the impacts on their children. Unfortunately, the court won't take those children into account when they send someone to prison.

We know that you might feel like you don't have any options. You do have the option to explore the choices you can make for your case. You can decide how to handle your case. For example, you might choose to pursue a plea deal to help you have some control over the sentence. This is often an option if you are concerned about what a jury and sentencing judge might decide for your case.

We don't limit our clients to only plea deals. Instead, we take each client's wishes into account so that we can help them to find the options that might be feasible. You have to make the final decision about what you are willing to do and what you are comfortable doing. Of course, the options available aren't always perfect, but we work hard to help you find out what's possible.

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