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Pranks can lead to criminal charges under some circumstances

When you are trying to play pranks on people, you have to think carefully about what you are going to do. You might want the prank to be memorable; however, you should make sure that the reason it is remembered is because it is an awesome, funny prank and not an illegal prank. If you are thinking about doing one of the following pranks, think again because all of these can lead to criminal charges.

Wet willies, which occur when you lick your finger and rub that finger in someone's ear, are actually a form of assault. If you give a police officer a wet willy, you will likely face upgraded or enhanced charges since you are considered to have attacked a police officer.

Giving someone a flaming bag of poop can lead to criminal charges. The charges can vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Arson charges are possible if the flaming bag catches something else on fire. Vandalism charges are possible if property is altered by the heat or flames. Charges for causing injury are possible if someone gets hurt.

Spiking drinks is illegal. This is true for all circumstances, but especially when underage people might drink the spiked drink. Law enforcement officers usually take these cases very seriously because spiked drinks are how date rape drugs are usually delivered.

Prank calls are an old prank, but these aren't so funny these days. Almost everyone has caller ID, so you phone call will be recorded. Criminal charges for harassment, disorderly conduct and other charges are also possible.

If you did do any of these pranks and are facing criminal charges, you should learn about what options you have for a defense. You might find out that you have more options than what you thought you had.

Source: FindLaw, "5 Pranks That Could Get You Arrested," George Khoury, Esq., accessed March 10, 2017

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