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Misdemeanor charges can have serious impacts on your life

The misconception that misdemeanors don't impact your life at all is one that many people fall for. This is just what we called it -- a misconception. Misdemeanor convictions can impact you for the rest of your life, depending on what the conviction was for.

Think about what happens when you go in for a new job. The employer might ask you for a background check. If you have a misdemeanor conviction for theft, you might not qualify for a retail job. If you have a conviction for an alcohol-related offense, you might not qualify to work in an establishment that sells alcohol. These are some of the examples of how a misdemeanor conviction can impact you later.

The effects of criminal convictions don't end when you complete your sentence. Instead, they can continue long after. These effects, which can include difficulty finding housing, can make your life very difficult. We are here to help you learn about how a conviction might affect you so that you can think about this while you are building your defense.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, don't sit back and hope it goes away. You should still take proactive steps to defend yourself against the charges. While this isn't going to guarantee how your case will end, it is a way that you can try to minimize the penalties you will face now and in the future.

We can help you to evaluate the case against you so that you know what options you have for trying to call that case into question. Once you know your options, you can determine which option is the most comfortable choice for you.

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