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Bill would make it illegal to ride in car without identification

Keeping up with the current laws in this country can be difficult. You have to know federal laws and state laws so that you might be able to stay out of trouble. If you live in Arizona, you might have a new worry to think about when you leave home. A new bill was introduced that would make it a misdemeanor to leave home without having an ID on your person if you get into a vehicle.

The law now stipulates that only the driver of a vehicle has to have proof of their identity. This would have to be a driver's license since they are driving. The new bill would require legal photo identification for all passengers in a vehicle. There isn't any information in the current draft of the bill that stipulates what ages would be impacted by the bill.

A previous law that required passengers to have valid identification was struck down because it was noted to be too vague. It will be interesting to see how this bill fares since it doesn't specify how it will impact minors who are in the vehicle.

The need for police officers to know who they are speaking with during a traffic stop is understandable. Still, you have to question how this bill would impact people who simply forgot to leave home with their ID or who are unable to get an ID for whatever reason.

If this bill passes, people who are found guilty of the violation would face up to four months in jail. They would have a misdemeanor on their criminal record. People who face misdemeanors should explore their defense options since misdemeanors are also serious crimes.

Source: 12 News, "Car passengers would have to carry ID under new bill," Nico Santos, Feb. 04, 2017

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