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February 2017 Archives

Know statutes and the case against you when you prepare a defense

We recently discussed the concept of self-defense. This is one of those defense strategies that isn't always appropriate. If you are facing charges of any sort, you should explore every defense possibility that is available. This can be a challenge, but it can help you out greatly because you have a good idea of what you might be able to do.

Bill would make it illegal to ride in car without identification

Keeping up with the current laws in this country can be difficult. You have to know federal laws and state laws so that you might be able to stay out of trouble. If you live in Arizona, you might have a new worry to think about when you leave home. A new bill was introduced that would make it a misdemeanor to leave home without having an ID on your person if you get into a vehicle.

Don't let a mistake after a night out ruin your life

A night out partying with your friends is something that is usually a good time. These nights can also end in a not-so-fun way if you decide to drink and drive. We know that you understand that driving drunk isn't something that you should do; however, we also know that things happens and you might not always make the best choices.


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