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Don't think your charge is 'just' a misdemeanor

Many people think that misdemeanors aren't worth the time to fight. The fact is that these charges can land you in the local jail. They can cost you money in fines. They can mean that you have to do community service. They will lead to a mark on your criminal record.

Have you thought about what a criminal record, even if it is just a misdemeanor charge, will do to your life? Many professions and even some side jobs don't allow the people holding them to have any criminal record. For example, if you have a shoplifting conviction, you probably couldn't even get an entry-level job at a mass merchant or a department store. A traffic violation could mean that your employer's insurance company won't allow you to drive company vehicles any longer. A misdemeanor could make it harder for you to support yourself.

Think about what would happen if you had to spend time in jail. Even though you would be in the local county jail, you would still be pulled away from your family and your job. If you have children, you will have to have someone else care for them. If you are married, your spouse will have to live without you.

We know that it is hard to think about all of these things, but they are the reality if you are facing misdemeanor charges. We can help you learn about your options for fighting against these charges. It is important for you to think carefully about how you want to address misdemeanor charges, but it is crucial that you think carefully about each option that is available for your case.

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