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Robin Williams and Tupac arrested on drug charges

Three men from Albuquerque, New Mexico, were pulled over by police in Arizona, right near Payson. At first, police say it was just a normal traffic stop. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has said they just committed standard traffic violations.

Then police got a look at their names, and something stood out: One man was named Tupac, while another was named Robin Williams.

Of course, both of those are also the names of celebrities who have passed away, both in high-profile cases. Tupac was a rapper, while Williams was an actor/comedian.

After stopping the car, the officers said they saw some warning signs that something illegal might be going on, so they brought in a K-9 unit. The dog searched the car and found 114.7 pounds of marijuana. Police have said they think it would bring in around $69,000 if it was sold on the street.

Two of the men are in their early 20s and one is 19. They were all arrested after the drugs were found. Police brought them to the Gila County Jail and booked them. However, since this all happened on the first Sunday in December, the investigation is still being carried out. At this time, though, reports give no indication that those were fake names.

Drug charges are often tied to how much of an illegal substance is found, so there can be stiffer penalties for those with larger amounts. Transporting drugs over state lines can also lead to harsher sentences. Those who are facing serious allegations need to know about their rights to a fair trial and their legal defense options.

Source: CNN, "Robin Williams and Tupac did what?," Azadeh Ansari, accessed Dec. 09, 2016

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