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Fight back when you are facing felony charges

Being branded as a felon is something that can haunt you for the rest of your life. Even if the felony wasn't a violent one, you will still be branded. In fact, the felon label can make it hard for you to find a job or get housing. You might not be able to own a gun if you are a felon. Holding a public office might not be possible. All of this is true even years or decades after the conviction.

We aren't saying this to scare you. Instead, we want you to know that there are very good reasons for you to start working on your defense right away when you know you are facing charges. We are here to help you go through the case against you and find ways that you can address the claims of the prosecution. This involves looking into the case against you and scrutinizing the evidence.

No matter what type of felony you are facing, you have the right to work on a defense. You can decide on the purpose of the defense. You might opt to gear your defense toward proving your innocence. If you know that a conviction is likely or you acknowledge that you did the crime, your defense might be geared toward minimizing the penalties you face.

We can help you learn if there is plea deal possible in your case or we can help you get your case ready for trial. The path your defense takes is up to you, so make sure you that you understand each one before you make your decision.

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