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Misdemeanor charge defenses should be carefully planned

The profound impact that misdemeanors can have on your life was the subject of our previous blog post. That blog post was important for anyone who is facing misdemeanor charges; many people think that because misdemeanors aren't typically as serious as felonies that they can't impact your life in the same way as a felony. That isn't the case.

Misdemeanor convictions show up on your criminal record. This means that if you apply for a job or seek housing somewhere that does a criminal background check, that misdemeanor is likely going to show up. That one conviction could mean that you don't get a job or place to live - a pretty good reason to fight against misdemeanor charges, right? We know most people would agree with us that those are very good reasons to fight the charges.

When you are facing misdemeanor charges, you have the right to defend yourself. You don't have to automatically admit that you are guilty. If you are considering a guilty plea, you should learn about some of the ways this can affect you. Your goal might then become trying to minimize the penalties.

If you aren't guilty or don't plan on pleading guilty, you need to work on a defense. The defense must be based on the truth, but how you present the truth might have an impact on the outcome. We understand that you have a lot at stake. We know that you want to keep the penalties you face to a minimum. We can help you to explore the ways that you can fight your case.

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