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Marijuana decriminalization measure slated for vote in November

People who use marijuana in Arizona can face criminal charges because of the zero tolerance laws in this state. A recent ballot initiative showed that legalization of cannabis would likely pass if it was set to a vote now. That means that around 600,000 people who use marijuana now wouldn't face criminal charges on a state level if such a measure passed.

In a poll that asked specifically about the ballot that is coming up on Nov. 8, it was revealed that 39.9 percent of voters oppose the state legalizing marijuana and 50 percent of voters favor legalization. There are 10.2 percent who are undecided. A different poll on Sept. 6 showed the opposite results, with 51 percent of people opposed to decriminalizing marijuana. That shows just how close of a race this could be when the measure comes up for a vote.

The proposition that could legalize marijuana in the state is Proposition 205, which provides terms similar to other states that have taken this step. It includes a system of retail shops where the products could be sold to people who are 21 years or older.

Even though it appears that the proposition would likely pass, there is still a lot of opposition. A lawsuit was shot down by the Arizona Supreme Court that moved to stop people from being able to vote on it in November.

It is important to note that as of the date this blog post is published, marijuana usage is illegal unless you qualify for medical marijuana. If you are facing charges for marijuana, you need to take those charges seriously and start working on your defense.

Source: Phoenix New Times, "Arizona Marijuana Legalization Favored by Majority in State, New Poll Shows," Ray Stern, Sep. 07, 2016

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