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A misdemeanor might prevent you from legally owning a gun

The United States Supreme Court is issuing rulings that are having a huge impact on various aspects of life in America. One of the most recent rulings is one that has to do with criminal convictions and gun ownership. The ruling comes as an answer to an appeal brought forth by two men who believed that their rights to own guns shouldn't have been affected by misdemeanor domestic abuse convictions.

Attorneys in the men's case argued that because their clients' actions were based on recklessness instead of criminal intent, that the federal statute prohibiting them from owning guns didn't apply to their cases. They noted that the federal law that prohibits people convicted of domestic abuse shouldn't apply to those who acted recklessly because that isn't the way that the law was intended to be applied.

The high court's ruling upheld the ruling of the lower courts, which means that even a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence can prevent a person from owning a firearm in this country. The vote was 6 to 2 in favor of upholding the lower court's ruling. Justice Clarence Thomas said in his dissent that the ruling was a denial of the foundational right provided by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

For those who are facing domestic violence charges and those who have already been convicted, this ruling might not be welcome news. Instead, it shows the serious impact that any criminal conviction can have on your life. This ruling brings up the point that your defense is one of the most important parts of your life when you are facing any criminal charges.

Source: USA Today, "Supreme Court rules domestic abusers can lose gun ownership rights," Richard Wolf, June 27, 2016

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