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June 2016 Archives

A misdemeanor might prevent you from legally owning a gun

The United States Supreme Court is issuing rulings that are having a huge impact on various aspects of life in America. One of the most recent rulings is one that has to do with criminal convictions and gun ownership. The ruling comes as an answer to an appeal brought forth by two men who believed that their rights to own guns shouldn't have been affected by misdemeanor domestic abuse convictions.

Misdemeanor class affects possible penalties in Arizona

Misdemeanor offenses in Arizona are considered less serious than felony offenses. One of the factors that people might find interesting about misdemeanors is that not all misdemeanors are subject to the same penalties. Of course, with all misdemeanors, there is a chance of a jail sentence, as well as fines. The class of the misdemeanor is what is used to determine the maximum possible jail sentence that a person is facing.

All drug charges need effective representation

The impact that drug charges are going to have on your life really depends on the caliber of charges that you're facing. For example, there is a large difference between simple marijuana possession charges, which could just net you a fine and four months behind bars, and drug trafficking charges, which could lead to $150,000 fines and 12.5 years of jail time. Though both are felonies, the ramifications are not the same.

Drunk driving offenses can stem from different circumstances

If you think that a driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charge has to do only with being drunk, you are wrong. Driving under the influence and DWI charges can also stem from being under the influence of any substance that affects your ability to drive in a safe manner.

Not all felony convictions end in incarceration

Felony charges are the most serious of criminal charges. Many people think that felony convictions always end with the person going to prison. That isn't always the case. There are many instances in which a person might be sentenced to probation if he or she is convicted on a felony charge. We can help you to learn if probation is an option in your case.


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