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Having a defense attorney has specific benefits

In our post last week, we discussed the group of prosecutors that is reviewing the state laws that include criminal charges. These laws are often complicated and can be difficult to find when they aren't in the criminal code. That story shows just how difficult it can be for a defendant who is facing criminal charges to figure out exactly what is happening in his or her case.

Most people who are facing criminal charges will opt to have an attorney represent them. This allows them to draw from the knowledge of the attorney so that they have the information they need to help them make decisions about their defense. Having a defense attorney has some other interesting benefits as well.

One way that we can help you during your criminal case is by seeking out plea deals. Oftentimes, prosecuting attorneys won't entertain the thought of plea negotiations with a defendant who doesn't have an attorney. That isn't something you will have to worry about when we are representing you.

Another way that we can help you is by explaining the defense options that apply to your case. It is important to consider all of the options because you never know what you might find as you work through them all. In some cases, we will have to put together a unique strategy that includes elements from different defenses.

We don't want to see anyone face consequences that are harsher than necessary. We will fight to help you minimize the penalties that you might face because of the criminal charges placed against you.

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