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Defense strategy components can vary for drug cases

All defendants who are facing criminal charges will have to find a defense strategy that helps to refute the claims that are being made by the prosecution. It is important that you consider all possible defense strategies, because more than one strategy may be useful in fighting your charges. If you are facing drug charges, you might need to consider the following drug case defense strategies.

One factor that can be challenged during a drug case is the actual composition of the substance that was found. Just because the substance looks like a drug doesn't mean that it is that particular drug. In order to prove that the substance found was an illegal drug, the substance must be analyzed at a crime lab. The analyst will then need to testify during the trial.

Another factor is how the search and seizure was conducted. All searches and seizures must be in compliance with the Constitution's Fourth Amendment. Combing through the process that was used during the search for the drugs and the subsequent seizure of the drugs might present you with a possible defense strategy.

In some cases, the prosecution might not be able to present the drugs in question. If the drugs aren't produced, which can occur if they are lost during the several custody transfers that occur, that can be a component of your defense.

Entrapment, planted drugs and claims that the drugs belonged to someone else are all possible defense strategies. Determining how to put together the strategies that apply to your case can help to strengthen your defense.

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