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Arizona's laws are being reviewed by group of prosecutors

Trying to navigate through all of the criminal codes in Arizona is sometimes an exercise in patience. One of the issues is that criminal codes can be found in a host of other places in the Arizona laws. Prosecutors are now reviewing the laws to determine if there are too many laws in the criminal codes. The group is also reviewing criminal charges that are based on codes found outside of the criminal codes for the state.

The Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council is the agency that is making the review. As of now, it has been noted that there are more than 250 felony charges and 670 misdemeanor charges that aren't in the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13. This can make it difficult for people who are facing criminal charges to know exactly what is legal and what isn't legal.

An example of the criminal charges that aren't found in Title 13 is the state law that allows people to face a criminal charge for allowing a dog to chase a cow and injure it if the action is considered reckless. That law is found in the set of laws that govern agriculture.

Having to track down laws in the Arizona Revised Statutes can make things difficult for defendants who are trying to figure out exactly what they did wrong and how to present a defense against the charges. In order to allow for fair and even application of the laws, it is crucial that the provisions in the state's laws are working as they are supposed to work.

Source: Albuquerque Journal, "Prosecutors group to review obscure Arizona criminal charges," April 10, 2016

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