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March 2016 Archives

Misdemeanors can have social and criminal penalities

Misdemeanor charges are sometimes brushed off as minor charges that won't really affect you. The reality is that some misdemeanors can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Think about what happens if you apply for a job and a background check is requested. If you have been convicted of any crimes, including misdemeanors, those will appear on the report. This can mean that you don't get your dream job.

What actions are considered terrorism?

Acts of terrorism are considered criminal activities across the country. Not only are there federal definitions of terrorism that are found in the U.S. Code, but states also have specific definitions of terrorism. Arizona state law has very specific definitions regarding terrorism. Individuals who are facing terrorism charges of any sort should ensure they have a complete understanding of the laws that pertain to their case.

Know how to customize your DUI defense strategy

When you are facing drunk driving charges, a lot of thoughts are likely to go through your mind. One of those thoughts might be how a friend "got off" of his or her drunk driving charges. At that point, you have to stop and remember that each DUI case is different. What worked in one case might not work in your case. We know that you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the whole criminal justice process.

What are the sentences for a misdemeanor?

One of the most important factors for a person who is facing criminal charges is what type of sentence they are facing for the charges filed against them. For people who are facing misdemeanor charges, the sentences for a conviction aren't as long or as harsh as what a person would be facing for a felony.


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