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Considering factors related to drunk driving cases

Being caught drinking and driving is something that can easily ruin a person's life. The entire incident might have been nothing more than an accident because you honestly thought that you were fine to drive home. It is really difficult to think that one small misjudgment could affect your entire life. We know that you probably want to find out what you can do to minimize the effects of the mistake you made.

We can help you learn about your options for dealing with the drunk driving charge. In Arizona, there are several different factors that you will have to consider when you are trying to determine the best way to handle your defense. We can help you to go through all of the options to determine how each one will affect you now and in the future.

If you decide that you are going to stay on course for a drunk driving trial, we can help you to prepare your case. We can look into factors like issues with the blood alcohol concentration testing that was done to determine your intoxication level. While we are looking into that, we will look into the applicable aspects of the BAC testing, such as calibration of the equipment, training of the person who administers the test and execution of the test.

While we are unable to control the social effects you will experience when people learn about your charges, we can work with you to determine ways to minimize the criminal effects. It is critical that you consider all options before making a choice about your case.

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