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February 2016 Archives

Mentally ill people and the criminal justice system in Arizona

For some people, the thought that any crime must be punished seems to be outweighing the reality that the root cause of the criminal action might be what needs attention. One instance in which throwing someone in jail or prison might cause more harm than good is when the person is mentally ill. It might surprise some people to learn that one-quarter of prisoners in Arizona are mentally ill.

Learn how to interpret the criminal statutes used in your case

Criminal charges are one aspect of the legal system that is very complicated. The people who are facing these charges often have a limited understanding of the laws that they are being accused of breaking. In some cases, they might even find that researching the law is complicated because of the way criminal statutes are written. Learning how to break down a criminal statute might help you if you decide to research the laws pertaining to your criminal case.

Considering factors related to drunk driving cases

Being caught drinking and driving is something that can easily ruin a person's life. The entire incident might have been nothing more than an accident because you honestly thought that you were fine to drive home. It is really difficult to think that one small misjudgment could affect your entire life. We know that you probably want to find out what you can do to minimize the effects of the mistake you made.

Leeway is possible for some heroin charges in Arizona

The heroin epidemic across the country has led to many states cracking down on heroin-related crimes. Arizona is one state that does take a harsh stance against these crimes; however, there is a little leeway for some cases involving heroin. If you are facing charges related to heroin, you should be aware of some basic points.


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