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What is considered in a criminal defense strategy?

One of the most important decisions that you have to make when you are facing criminal charges is what type of defense strategy you are going to use. There are several different options that you must consider before deciding on one specific strategy.

What factors should be used to determine a defense strategy?

You should consider the evidence that the prosecution has against you when you are going through the different strategies. You should also consider how you need to portray your side of the story during the case. You should also consider the possible outcomes of each defense strategy, as well as the penalties you might face if you are convicted.

Shouldn't I just tell the truth?

Yes, you should tell the truth. When you work with a defense attorney, the attorney will determine the best way to tell the truth. There are usually several different ways that the truth can be told. Each one of those ways can portray the same facts in a different light.

What are admissions of guilt?

Admissions of guilt are what you tell your attorney about what happened. You might admit that you did the crime of which you are accused. That would be a confession story. You might admit that you did the crime but explain what happened that led you to commit the crime. This is known as an admit and explain story.

Of course, if you didn't commit the crime, you should deny it totally. When you discuss your case with an attorney, your attorney will let you know what your options are for your defense. Make sure that you understand each option before making a decision.

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