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November 2015 Archives

Arizona Supreme Court rules on DUI and medical marijuana issue

Drunk driving defenses have to be determined by the facts of the case. In a recent ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court, the issuance of a medical marijuana card might be grounds for an affirmative defense in a DUI case that is the result of driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Bail, bail bondsmen and the benefit of being out of jail

In our last blog post, we discussed what will happen when you have a bail hearing for a felony case. If you recall, the court can order that you post a bail in order to be released from custody as your case moves through the court system. Some bail amounts are more than an average person would be able to afford to pay in cash. When a defendant is facing a bail he or she can't pay in full, they might turn to a bail bondsman for help getting out of jail.

What factors are considered during a bail hearing?

When you are arrested on a criminal charge, you will usually have a bail hearing. The bail hearing is a very important part of your criminal proceeding because this is a hearing that determines if you can bond out of jail while your case moves through the court system. Understanding what is at stake in the bail hearing is vital for anyone who is facing criminal charges.

The faces of federal drug convictions are diverse

Federal drug convictions often mean lengthy prison sentences. When you delve into the demographics of these convictions, as well as the drugs associated with the convictions, you can get a good look at the big picture. A recent report written by the Urban Institute was recently released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. What the study found is very interesting.


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