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What are some of the different drug charges people might face?

Being charged with a drug-related crime often brings up images of people who are dealing drugs or trafficking large amounts of drugs. While selling drugs and drug trafficking are two possible drug crimes, they aren't the only possible crimes that a person could face.

What is a manufacturing charge?

A charge of manufacturing drugs means that you are being accused of making the drugs, such as manufacturing methamphetamine. A person can face charges for manufacturing drugs no matter what his or her part in the process is. That means that a person who is purchasing ingredients can face charges that are equal to the person who is cutting or cooking the drugs.

What is a possession charge?

A charge for possessing drugs means that you had drugs within your possession. Generally, a possession charge is reserved only for small amounts of drugs. If you have a large amount of a drug on you, law enforcement officers might claim that you were trying to deliver, sell or traffic the drugs.

What is a paraphernalia charge?

It isn't always necessary to have drugs in your possession to face a drug-related charge. If you have items that were used to make, distribute, sell or use drugs, you might face a drug paraphernalia charge. Rolling papers, syringes and bongs are some of the items that might lead to a paraphernalia charge.

All drug-related charges are serious and can affect your life in a variety of ways. Those who are facing drug-related charges should understand the options they have for resolving their case so they can make an informed choice about their defense.

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