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Don't let marijuana charges in Arizona ruin your life

Many people choose to use natural methods to treat medical conditions and to relax. While marijuana is a natural substance that is sometimes used for both of those purposes, laws in Arizona still make it a crime to possess, cultivate and sell marijuana except in very limited circumstances. We know that navigating through Arizona's marijuana laws can be challenging. We can help you to learn your options for a defense if you are facing marijuana charges in Arizona.

While Arizona law does permit some people to have marijuana for limited medical uses, the criteria are very strict. For people who aren't allowed to have medical marijuana, there are very harsh criminal penalties for many marijuana charges.

All marijuana-related charges are felony charges except for marijuana-related DUI charges. Even those DUI-related charges might be charged as a felony, depending on the circumstances.

People who are facing marijuana charges face penalties that start at 6 months for the least serious charges. Some charges carry a possible penalty of a decade or more in prison. With those penalties in mind, you can easily see why you need to get started on a defense right away.

We can investigate your case to determine what options you have for a defense. We can look into the possibility of using certain aspects of the case to boost your defense. For example, we might find a civil rights violation that means some evidence might not be admissible.

You can't be expected to face drug charges alone. We stand by your side throughout the defense process to ensure you understand your options and that your rights are protected.

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