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September 2015 Archives

Misdemeanor charges can result in jail time in Arizona

Some people might not take misdemeanor charges as seriously as they should. While it is true that these charges usually don't have the prison sentences that are associated with felony charges, misdemeanor charges still can carry a jail sentence. Anyone who is facing misdemeanor charges should understand that they must take these charges seriously because they are facing a possible jail sentence if they are convicted.

Shoplifting charges can stem from several scenarios

Facing criminal charges can be a scary prospect for anyone. When the charge you are facing is a theft charge, the impact of a conviction can be serious. Even though shoplifting is usually a misdemeanor charge, a conviction can affect a variety of life necessities, such as finding housing or getting a job if your criminal history is checked.

What is blood-alcohol concentration?

In our previous blog post, we discussed how DUI charges demand a strong defense. One of the hallmarks of a DUI case is the blood-alcohol concentration of the defendant at the time he or she is accused of driving drunk. The BAC is one aspect of the case that is often subject to debate because of the number of factors that can affect the results of the test. Understanding some basic points about BAC can often help defendants as they and their attorneys fight a DUI charge.

Serious defense for serious DUI charges with serious penalties

Thinking of a drunk driving arrest, most people automatically assume they are dealing with a misdemeanor charge. That isn't always the case in Arizona. Some drunk driving charges are classified as a felony charge. If you are facing a DUI or DWI that is considered a felony, you must get started on your defense today.


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