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August 2015 Archives

Doctor shopping can lead to criminal charges in Arizona

For a person who is addicted to prescription pain medications, there is almost no end to what they will do to get the drugs they need for their next high. Some of these individuals doctor shop to get doctors to write prescriptions for these drugs. The problem with this is that doctor shopping for prescription medications is illegal.

Protect your rights and explore your options for a defense

All criminal charges, no matter how minor they might seem, must be taken seriously. Almost any conviction can have a huge impact on your life, depending on your circumstances and the actual conviction. That is one reason why having a suitable defense that is tailored to your case is so important.

What should I know about misdemeanor charges in Arizona?

Many people tend to think of misdemeanors as crimes that don't really amount to much. In some cases, people might look over these types of criminal charges. The truth of the matter is that even a misdemeanor charge can result in imprisonment. Couple that with the impacts a criminal record might have on job opportunities and other aspects of life and you can see why it is imperative that anyone facing a misdemeanor carefully consider his or her defense options.


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