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July 2015 Archives

Build a defense in misdemeanor or juvenile justice cases

When some people hear the word misdemeanor, they think of crimes that don't really matter. They usually think of having to pay fines and go on about their day. The fact of the matter is that misdemeanor crimes can have very harsh consequences, including being sent to jail. For that reason, it is vital that anyone who is facing a misdemeanor charge work to understand the charge they are facing.

DUI and child abuse are sometimes linked together

Many people who drink and drive do so without much thought. That lack of thought, however, might end up landing some people in the criminal justice system. That is because parents and adults might end up facing child abuse charges if they have children in the vehicle while they are driving while intoxicated.

DUI charge filed against former Syracuse great

It isn't shocking when professional athletes get into legal trouble because it has happened on so many occasions. However, it is sad, especially for the fans who looked up to those athletes for their prowess in their sport. One athlete who was recently arrested and charged with a DUI is Donovan McNabb, renowned for his years as a Syracuse quarterback.

Police have more leeway to search a car than a home

A question that often come to the mind of people when they are stopped by police involves whether the police officers have a right to search the vehicle during the stop. The simple answer is that police have a variety of options to choose from when wanting to search a vehicle during a traffic stop. The options they have generally give them more leeway to search a vehicle than to search a home.

How should I handle police who think I committed a crime?

Dealing with police officers who suspect that you have committed a crime isn't easy. Those police officers often try to push you into saying something that will incriminate you. It is vital that you understand your rights and that you know how to handle these types of situations. Generally, you should invoke your right to have an attorney present if you are being questioned by police officers.


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