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Gang member found guilty of murder, appeal likely

Facing violent criminal charges is difficult for any defendant. In some cases, even the end of a criminal trial isn't the end of the battle. A recent case involving an alleged gang member on trial for murder shows how some cases will continue after a verdict is reached in a trial.

The criminal trial occurred in Coconino County, Arizona, when the courthouse ended up being placed on lockdown as the verdict was being read. The 23-year-old defendant was found guilty of second-degree murder, assisting a criminal street gang and aggravated assault. This was his second trial for the matter. The first trial ended in March with a hung jury.

In the midst of the jury handing down those verdicts, the defendant became violent and knocked a water jug off the defense table. He was ushered into the judge's chamber and members in the gallery were removed.

In response to the verdicts, the man's attorney noted that he will file an appeal on the convictions for the violent charges. The defendant's mother claimed that the jury let the real killer go and locked up her son instead. The family members of the victims were comforted by the verdict. The case will now move forward to the sentencing phase.

Appealing a conviction is something that is sometimes worth exploring. While it does drag the court proceedings on for longer, winning an appeal can make a big difference in the outcome. It is important for anyone who is considering an appeal to understand how appealing a conviction might affect his or her case. From there, they can look into the options they have for an appeal.

Source: Arizona Daily Sun, "Vallejos found guilty on all counts for Flagstaff murder," Michelle McManimon, May 23, 2015

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