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Maximum misdemeanor sentences in Arizona

While a misdemeanor is certainly a crime in Arizona, it's far less serious than a felony, and so the law puts upper restrictions on the sentences. They cannot go above these maximum limits, no matter what the judge desires. While the judge does have the power to use a lesser sentence -- such as probation or house arrest -- these regulations put a check on a judge's power.

Know what can happen when you are charged with a misdemeanor

Facing any criminal charge, even a misdemeanor, can be stressful. Even though a misdemeanor is a less serious charge than a felony, it can still cause problems for you. Knowing how a misdemeanor is handled can help you if you find yourself charged with one.

Criminal defense should start early in the case

Life after a criminal conviction is likely not anything like it was prior to the conviction. Many people who have been convicted of crimes find it hard to find employment. They often notice other changes, such as people looking down on them because of their conviction. Those changes should be enough reason for anyone who is facing a criminal charge to fight against those charges.


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