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Can I get a DUI taken off my record in Arizona?

If you have been convicted of drunk driving, you are likely feeling embarrassed, scared and disappointed in yourself. However, it is important to try and keep things in perspective: While drunk driving is a serious mistake, it is one that good people all across the U.S. have made. You are not the first person to face this difficult situation, and you won't be the last.

It is also important to understand that a DUI charge does not have to ruin your life. With legal support, you can defend yourself and work to have the charge reduced or dismissed. Even if you are convicted, you still can protect yourself and your record from the stain of a DUI conviction.

Like many others who have been in this situation, you may be wondering if there is a way to have your record expunged. This means that a conviction is sealed and most parties (including potential employers) will not see it; however, police and the courts will still be able to see it.

Unfortunately, expungement is not an option for Arizona drivers convicted of DUI. Instead, there is the option of having the judgment set aside. Unlike expungement, it is still possible for parties to see the conviction, but they will also be able to see that it has been set aside. This can let them know that you have completed the terms of a sentence and have had any suspended or revoked privileges restored.

According to Arizona laws on setting aside a judgment, people who have successfully fulfilled the terms of their sentence and have been discharged may have the option to apply to have a guilty judgment set aside. However, it is important to note that there are several exceptions, and many people may not be eligible to pursue this option.

It can be quite beneficial to have a DUI conviction set aside. Exploring this option with the help of an attorney can prove to be a good way to protect yourself, your career and your future.

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