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When facing drug charges, real legal support can be crucial

We have all ready news stories about drug laws, drug convictions, mandatory minimum sentences and the lengths to which law enforcement agencies will go in order to make an arrest. But reading about these issues and experiencing them first-hand are two very different things.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, the situation isn't just a blurb in a small section of a newspaper. Your arrest will likely turn your world upside down and affect every aspect of your life now and for years to come. In the blink of an eye, a person can go from worrying about getting to work the next day and making plans for this weekend to worrying about having any job whatsoever and the potential for years of incarceration.

Whether you have been arrested for the distribution, possession, manufacturing or trafficking of drugs like heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs and cocaine, you are facing some very real and very serious penalties and your freedom can depend on how you defend yourself.

Drug charges can be dismissed or reduced in many situations depending on the details of a case. For example, charges can be significantly affected if:

  • Evidence collected is inadequate
  • A search was conducted improperly
  • Witnesses are found to be unreliable
  • A plea bargain is reached
  • Defense proves that the defendant was not involved in alleged criminal activity

The attorneys at our firm can look at each of these potential defense strategies, as well as the many others that may be effective, in an effort to have the charges against you reduced or thrown out.

In situations involving drug crimes, people often realize that they are not equipped to handle their defense on their own or with the help of someone who is not experienced in drug crime defenses. Having someone who is familiar with drug laws in Arizona and understands how to build a defense and work to minimize potential consequences can prove to be crucial.

For more information on our firm's background in defending people against drug charges, visit our website.

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