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Options for defending against DUI charges in Arizona

If you have recently been charged with drunk driving, you need to know that you could be facing some serious legal and personal issues. Your driving and criminal records could be permanently stained; you may have to spend some time in jail; you could lose your ability to drive or your job; your family could struggle enormously to deal with the financial consequences of a conviction.

However, you can limit these penalties and hopefully avoid them altogether by defending yourself against the charges in an effort to have charges dismissed or reduced. Working with an attorney during this time can prove to be quite beneficial, as it can take extensive legal knowledge and experience to build an appropriate defense to DUI charges.

There are a number of defense tactics that can be and have been utilized to challenge drunk driving charges.

For example, it may be appropriate to fight for a dismissal based on improper or unlawful police procedures. This can include stopping a driving without probable cause, failure to perform proper sobriety tests or conducting a warrantless search. If any of these were a factor in a person's arrest, it can result in the dismissal of improperly collected evidence.

Scrutinizing devices used to test a person's intoxication can also impact charges. The machines and measures used to calculate blood alcohol concentration must be properly and regularly calibrated; testing must be completed in accordance with state and federal laws. If there is reason to suspect testing was faulty or inaccurate, the charges may be called into question.

These are just a couple examples approaches that may be utilized in defending against DUI charges; there are several others. In order to better understand what option may be suitable for your specific situation, it can be a good idea to discuss the details of your case with an attorney. Based on the specifics, it can be possible to build your defense in an effort to protect yourself and your future.

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