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Could I be arrested for DUI the morning after drinking?

After a night out drinking, many people head home to sleep off the effects of alcohol. The next day, they may wake up tired and hung-over, but they often need to go about their day running errands or going into work.

However, even people in this situation can end up facing DUI charges in Arizona if they get behind the wheel. This is because there are drivers who still have alcohol in their system, even after sleeping for several hours.

People will try a lot of different ways to sober up, from drinking coffee to eating something greasy to taking a shower. But really the only thing that can reduce the effects of alcohol is time. Our bodies take time metabolizing alcohol. Generally speaking, it takes a person about one hour to metabolize a standard drink, and any excess alcohol is stored in tissues and blood until the body can start metabolizing it.

However, there are a number of ways that the process can be slowed down. For example, people who have higher blood alcohol concentrations to begin with often experience intoxicating symptoms for longer, as it can take longer for larger amounts of alcohol to be metabolized. Additionally, women typically metabolize alcohol more slowly than men, so they will often feel the effects of alcohol for longer periods of time.

With all this in mind, readers should be aware that they may not wake up with a BAC of 0.00 percent. They could still be considered legally intoxicated if there is still alcohol in a person's system, even after sleeping through the night. Knowing this could help people avoid making a mistake that could result in an arrest, DUI charges and serious penalties.

Source: Brown University, "Alcohol & Your Body," accessed on March 12, 2015

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