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March 2015 Archives

When facing drug charges, real legal support can be crucial

We have all ready news stories about drug laws, drug convictions, mandatory minimum sentences and the lengths to which law enforcement agencies will go in order to make an arrest. But reading about these issues and experiencing them first-hand are two very different things.

Arizona drivers beware: Insurance rates soar after DUI

We often discuss the serious penalties that drivers can face if they are convicted of drunk driving in Arizona. For many people, avoiding jail time and keeping the offense on their record are the top priorities. Drivers also want to keep their license and minimize any fines that may be ordered.

Options for defending against DUI charges in Arizona

If you have recently been charged with drunk driving, you need to know that you could be facing some serious legal and personal issues. Your driving and criminal records could be permanently stained; you may have to spend some time in jail; you could lose your ability to drive or your job; your family could struggle enormously to deal with the financial consequences of a conviction.


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