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You don't have to face criminal charges alone

If you are accused of breaking a law, it can be very easy to feel like you are already guilty. You can wind up in the back of a police car in handcuffs; your name and photo can appear in newspapers along with details of what you have allegedly done wrong; friends, coworkers and family members may even look at you a little differently.

However, the fact is that you are innocent until proven guilty. You have the right to defend yourself against criminal allegations and fight to avoid conviction and sentencing. This can all seem quite overwhelming, especially when you are already dealing with the fallout of an arrest, but you do not have to handle criminal charges alone.

Consulting an attorney can prove to be a beneficial decision for people across Arizona who have been arrested and charged with offenses like DUI, drug possession, property crimes or unlawful use of a weapon.

The fact is that many people don't have the legal knowledge and experience to defend themselves against criminal charges. Additionally, when people are up against prosecutors, police officers, experts testifying and even federal agents, it can be very intimidating.

This is why discussing your case with an attorney can be crucial. Having legal representation can help people understand their options for defending themselves as well as what needs to happen to pursue an acceptable resolution. This could include challenging allegations in court or negotiating a plea deal to minimize the consequences. Without familiarity with the legal system and process, this can be extremely difficult.

If you have been accused of violating state or federal laws, your future could depend on the steps you take to protect yourself. We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our law firm and how we may be able to help.

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