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Arizona ranks high in drunk driving prevention

When people think about getting pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, they may have an overly-simplified view of what this looks like. Many people assume a driver needs to be swerving all over the road or driving the wrong way down the road for a police officer to conduct a stop. They may also think that when a driver is arrested, he or she will just pay a fine and get a mark on their driving record.

However, there are many ways that authorities attempt to identify drunk drivers and punish them for driving under the influence of alcohol that go far beyond what we may traditionally associate with drunk driving enforcement efforts. In Arizona, these efforts are among the most aggressive in the country.

According to a recent report by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Arizona ranks in the highest category for drunk driving prevention. They based their findings on a system using five stars, with each star representing fulfillment of a specific countermeasure. Every state was graded and received a star for each of the following prevention efforts in place:

  1. Immediate revocation of a license upon arrest
  2. Sobriety checkpoints
  3. No-refusal events
  4. Enhanced penalties for DUI with a child in the vehicle
  5. Installation of ignition interlocks

The state of Arizona received a 5-star rating from MADD. What this means is that prevention efforts are quite aggressive and far-reaching in this state. It also means that a driver could be at risk of getting cited for DUI in a number of different scenarios and could face a number of penalties that may not be in place in other states.

Understanding your rights in each situation, whether you are stopped at a checkpoint or are at risk of losing your license, can be crucial. Because many drivers are not thoroughly familiar with the many legal issues that can arise from drunk driving allegations, it can be wise to discuss your situation and what options you have to protect your rights with an attorney familiar with DUI laws in Arizona.

Source: USA Today, "How is your state doing? MADD rates USA on drunk driving prevention," Lori Grisham, Jan. 15, 2015

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