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Facing drug charges? You have the right to defend yourself

For decades, law enforcement agencies have dedicated enormous amounts of resources to cracking down on drug crimes. At every stage, from investigation to sentencing, authorities are determined to send a strong message that drug offenses will be taken very seriously.

What this means for an individual who is at the center of these efforts is that they are up against powerful parties. If you have recently been arrested for an offense related to drug possession or trafficking in Arizona, you probably already realize that you are in a very difficult position. Thankfully, you don't have to face this situation alone: You have the right to work with an attorney to defend yourself.

Many of the people who are arrested for drug crimes are people caught in elaborate dragnets executed by officers and used to identify high-level dealers and manufacturers. Even if a person has only the most minor or incidental role in a suspected drug ring, he or she can be arrested by police in an attempt to locate more powerful players and increase arrest numbers.

Whether this describes your situation or not, it does illustrate the length to which law enforcement agents are prepared to go in order to track down alleged drug offenders. It should also serve as a reminder that even minor offenses can result in major consequences.

There are thousands of people in jail and prison as a result of a drug conviction. In order to avoid a similar fate, anyone facing charges for drug offenses should consider the options for fighting back.

The attorneys at Antol & Hance can help you in this fight. We can examine your case to determine if plea deals or sentencing alternatives are appropriate, or we can represent you in court in order to try and have the charges against you dismissed. Police and prosecutors have significant resources on their side; with legal representation, you can level the playing field and defend your rights.

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