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Arizona driver suspected of drunk driving

A 50-year-old man is in custody following a serious accident on Christmas Day, according to local police. The Arizona man was charged with felony damage and is suspected of drunk driving after an alleged race led to him crashing his vehicle into a restaurant. The damage to the restaurant was extensive, and the location could even be closed for good following this accident. 

According to the report, the man appeared to be racing the driver of a pickup truck when the accident occurred. The 50-year-old seemed to lose control of his vehicle while traveling at what was believed to be a high rate of speed when he struck a utility pole before crashing headlong into the restaurant. It is estimated he was traveling at approximately 80 to 90 mph when he made contact with the restaurant. Cleanup crews found concrete from the external wall up to 40 feet inside the restaurant itself.

The man was arrested on site. Police have not articulated how they came to the conclusion that the man may have been drunk at the time, as no mention was made of a Breathalyzer or other roadside sobriety test being performed. No court date was reported. 

Even if the driver is guilty of recklessness behind the wheel, that is no guarantee the suspicion of drunk driving will hold water in the absence of a proper test to determine the man's sobriety. If Arizona prosecutors choose to go ahead with the DUI charge, they will have to prove the man was above the legal limit when the accident occurred. A failure to do so could see that particular charge dropped, though the driver may still have to face any other charges in court. 

Source:, "Alleged drunk driver crashes into southside restaurant", Dec. 27, 2014

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