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November 2014 Archives

Arizona teacher allegedly slaps kindergartner, faces charges

When a teacher is accused of harming a student, serious consequences are usually possible if that teacher is convicted of crimes related to the accusation. For one woman who taught at Kinsey Elementary School in a kindergarten class, an accusation of her slapping a child has landed her in court.

The problem with medical marijuana and Arizona DUI laws

Marijuana laws across the country have been passed and changed in recent years to reflect the changing opinions on the drug. Some states have legalized marijuana while others, like Arizona, allow residents to possess and use medical marijuana without facing state-level penalties.

Will I have to have an ignition interlock device installed?

Having a drunk driving offense on your record can be very upsetting. It can affect insurance rates and even your employment if you lose your driving privileges. It can also be a source of embarrassment to go through the experience of getting arrested, being convicted and then facing the legal consequences of a DUI.


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