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Why legal representation can be crucial when facing drug charges

For decades, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have been determined to crack down on drug crimes. But this so-called "war on drugs" has widely been considered a failure and has resulted in overcrowded prisons and people serving time for relatively minor and non-violent offenses. 

At the same time, the views on drug crimes, particularly those involving marijuana, have changed considerably. States are decriminalizing marijuana and mandatory minimum sentences have been aggressively criticized. While all this may signal an eventual shift in how drug crimes are prosecuted and punished, the fact is that people facing drug charges today still face a number of serious obstacles when it comes to defending themselves.

Rather than assume there is nothing that can be done once criminal charges have been filed, people accused of drug possession, manufacturing or distribution should remember that they have the right to consult an attorney.

A strong legal defense can prove to be essential for people faced with the possibility of fines, jail time and a permanent stain on a criminal record. The attorneys at our law firm are familiar with state and federal drug laws and understand that there are a number of ways to pursue the reduction or dismissal of charges, from challenging a search warrant to negotiating a minimized sentenced.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime in Arizona, it is vital that you take the charges seriously. A conviction can be devastating and destroy a person's career, reputation and future. With so much at stake, you will want to be aggressive in defending yourself. For more information on how the attorneys at Antol & Hance, PC can help you, please visit our webpage on drug charges.

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