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Use your head and not your heart during defense planning

When you are facing criminal charges, you might be tempted to let your emotions rule. While it is easy to see why that would happen, it is necessary to keep a good head on your shoulders. You have to think clearly so that you can make decisions at every turn of the case.

We know that you might need to figure out how different decisions that you make might impact your future. We are here to stand by your side, help you determine what options you have and figure out the effects of each option.

Being named a person of interest can negatively change your life

Being charged with a criminal act isn't the only time that your life might be impacted by the criminal justice system. You might also find that your life takes a negative turn if you are named as a person of interest in a criminal matter.

In the criminal justice system, a person is considered innocent until it is proven that they are guilty. This isn't the way that things work in real life. Instead, people often form opinions based on limited information that is put out through the media and other outlets. This means that the public might decide that you are guilty of a crime before you are even charged with it.

Know the purpose and plan your defense against felony charges

A felony conviction is one that many people don't ever want to have to deal with. This one incident can have you forever branded as a felon. As you probably know, this branding comes with some big changes in your life. The thought of these changes is something that leads some people to work hard on their defense against the charges they are facing.

We know that you might want to know more about what options you have for fighting the charges you are facing. We can help you to evaluate your case and look into what defense options you might use.

Your defense can vary greatly but must be based on facts

One of the most important things you can do when you are facing a felony charge is work on your defense. This is your key to being able to fight back against the charges. Typically, it is a good idea to work on a defense even if you are trying to get a plea deal worked out. By doing this, you won't have to worry that you are going to have to come up with a defense at the last minute if your plea negotiations aren't successful.

As you think about your defense, there are several different options you need to consider. The options you have are based on the circumstances of your case. Not all defense options are based on saying that you didn't commit the crime of which you are accused.

Review the options for your drunk driving defense

We recently discussed some of the things that you have to consider when you are charged with drunk driving. These points aren't some that you can just ignore. In fact, the closer look you take at the case against you, the more options you might have for your defense.

We know that you might not even be sure where to start. We can help you review the circumstances and determine where to go from here. This isn't always something that is going to be an easy decision, but knowing your options might help you decide your defense strategy.

Know the intricacies for drunk driving crash cases

There is almost no feeling worse than seeing flashing lights behind your vehicle when you know that you are drunk. About the only thing worse would be seeing those flashing lights heading your way after you were in an accident when you are drunk.

A drunk driving crash is especially troublesome because there are some hefty penalties associated with these crashes. If you are in a drunk driving crash, you are almost certainly going to be arrested if you were the drunk driver. You will have to take a test to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The fact that you were involved in an accident gives the police officer probable cause for this.

From drug court to defense strategies: You have options

We recently discussed how some people who are facing drug charges in the Flagstaff area might end up participating in the Coconino County Drug Court program. This program can help the defendant avoid having to go to prison, but it entails following some very strict rules.

We understand that not all defendants will qualify for drug court. Some might not even be interested in the program at all. This is understandable, so it is imperative for you to pursue other options for your defense until a decision about drug court is made. Of course, if you are accepted into drug court, you won't need a defense strategy since you won't face the charges as long as you complete the drug court program.

Understand the Coconino County Drug Court option

A primary concern for people who are facing drug possession charges is addiction. The defendants who are facing criminal charges and suffer from an addiction are often looking at a bleak future because simply spending time in jail isn't going to help the underlying problem.

One way that defendants in Coconino County can try to overcome the addiction so they will get out of the criminal justice system is by going through Drug Court. This program combines penalties with the help that might enable the person to overcome the addiction.

The prosecution process explained

A criminal trial begins with an investigation and arrest and is resolved by either an acquittal or conviction at trial, a plea bargain or by the prosecutor dismissing the charges.

But the beginning and the resolution are joined by many steps in the process. After the arrest, the police officer files a police report, which is forwarded to the prosecutor. He or she then determines — either alone or in conjunction with grand jury findings — whether the arrested person shall be charged or indicted.

Consider your children as you address a criminal charge

We recently discussed how having a parent in prison is something that impacts children in many ways. For some children, overcoming the stigmas attached with having a parent in prison is difficult, but they overcome it.

Parents should take note of all the well-documented ways that having a parent in prison can affect their children. This knowledge should be fuel to help parents get on the right path and stay there.


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